Intimacy is an abiding theme- whether found in the human embrace, the death scene of a close friend, or the interweaving of human limbs with those of a tree. Medical imagery, inspired by my career as a Registered Nurse, serves as a foundation of much of the work.

I express myself in the Egg Tempera painting medium. Early Renaissance artists, sometimes called “Italian Primitives” such as Giotto and Giovanni Bellini* are my stylistic mentors. Painting at a time when oil painting was not yet perfected, these artists also favored Egg Tempera.

Combining pigment with egg yolk has a sensual feel when painted on a plaster-like ground afixed to a wooden board. Building up dozens of layers creates a nuanced luminosity. Known as a technically difficult medium, the struggle with the medium supplies the traction and suffering that I need to produce the pure and deep art that I strive towards.

*Bellini switched to oil paint mid-career but I prefer his early tempera work